Hospice Care

Dr. Christey provides hospice and palliative care, to create and implement an individualized plan to maintain your pet's health and well-being as they transition toward their end of life.


Euthanasia services at your home include consultation, an examination of your pet, compassionate euthanasia, and aftercare.

Aftercare Options

Arrangements can be made through Care at Home Vet to provide transportation of the body for private cremation. Once the procedure is completed, you may choose how the ashes will be returned to you. Options include a wooden box with nameplate, or a resin traditional urn. 

If you would like to provide transportation of the body to a crematorium, there are two options in the Seattle area:
Precious Pets Animal Crematory
Seattle Pet Cemetery and Cremation Service

Burial Services
If you would like to bury your pet, we recommend one of these options in Seattle area:
King County Pet Cemetery
Seattle Pet Cemetery
New Tacoma Cemetery

Burial by Owner
In King County you may legally bury your pet on your own property, in accordance with the Board of Health Code section 10.08.040.

Please call or email for service fees. Major credit cards, cash, and check are accepted.